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Op zondag 29 januari 2006 17:27, schreef Dave Feustel:
> On Sunday 29 January 2006 11:04, Cyrille Berger wrote:
> > > What does 'unlock the kicker' mean?

> >
> > right click on kicker and select "unlock panel" ;p

> Thanks.
> What I described was the process I have to use to add an
> icon to the *desktop*, not the *taskbar*.=20

it also offers the option to add it to the desktop, not only to the taskbar.

> I can add=20
> icons pointing to URLs in one step. What makes adding
> application icons different?

you DO have a serious point here - i just tried it, and you're totally righ=
it should offer to add an app from the kde menu, not this...



This nation is sinking into the quicksand of the Paperwork Age, a
postmodern world in which judges issue meta-injuctions against other
judges who issue injuctions against lawyers who file lawsuits every 3.2
minutes. It's an age where lawyers design ballots forms and then proceed
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The United States has bluescreened. A fatal exception error occured on
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