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Ferdinand Gassauer wrote:
> Hi!
> the "show desktop" icon minimizes all windows and restores them to their
> original size. thats good.
> opening a new app restores all previously minimized windows and opens the new
> app on top of them.
> *) this takes a lot of CPU power (+ some swapping ?) and slows down the
> startup of the new app.
> *) usually "I" do not need the other apps to be displayed, that's why I
> minimized them.
> just want to know what others are thinking before posting a wish.

I prefer the current behavior. It messes with my window state less -- so I
don't have to go hunting around for a window only to find it's still
minimized from when "Show Desktop" was turned on.

If I don't need an app displayed, I minimize/shade/otherwise push it out of
the way (I actually rarely minimize things). When I need something from the
desktop specifically, I use "Show Desktop".

These are two different situations -- the latter has nothing to do with
where I want windows and applications to be placed. Since that is the case,
it makes more sense to me to put everything back where it was once I'm done
with the desktop. (Think of OSX Expose's "Show Desktop" functionality --
same sort of thing.)

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Joshua J. Berry

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