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Mark Hellman wrote:
>I think this list is special because it is ordered by the number of
> votes. It means that more than one person has noticed the bug and felt
> annoyed enough to go to bugzilla and vote for it. This list is 579 long
> (not including the UNCONFIRMED). And from these 579 only 25 are
> ASSIGNED. I must underline: only 4% of the bugs that annoy people the
> most are being taken care of. Isn't this worrisome?

The list includes ALL bugs that have more than 20 votes. That means at=20
least 2 people in most cases.

But, considering that it is common practice to vote 20 for your own bugs,=20
any one person can get a bug in that list. Also, please remember that=20
there are people who register more than one account in Bugzilla to=20
increase the vote count. And finally, I can bet a good portion of those=20
reports there are no longer valid.

That said, however, yes, the bug count worries me. Every week, when I take=
a look at the "Weekly statistics", I get worried. Week after week more=20
bugs are reported than bugs are fixed.

So users are generating more bugs than we can handle. Conclusion: the list=
will only grow. There's no way around it, except manpower.

>> No. We're working on KDE4. We cannot afford more delays. We don't have
>> enough manpower to do otherwise.

>I understand the lack of manpower. But, correct if I am wrong, most of
> those 579 bugs will transit to KDE 4. I do not see anything
> KDE3-specific in most of them. And one of the most disappointing
> experiences for a user is to try a new major version of a software and
> find his most hated bugs there...

Right. What I mean is: we cannot afford to divert manpower to fixing those=
bugs in the 3.5 tree. That, in turn, means we have to work on 4.0 and let=20
those bugs be for a while. We're still working on getting kdelibs=20
compiling at this stage. Fixing bugs from bugzilla which may or may no=20
longer be valid is the least of the worries.

We don't know when KDE 4.0 will be released. We'd like to have it out in=20
10 months, but realistically, I don't think it'll be out in less than 18.=20
That includes a long period of testing, to spot the greatest regressions=20
and bugs, which in turn should include those on your list.

In summary, there's nothing we can do about the list that keeps growing=20
that we're not already doing.

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