On Wednesday 11 January 2006 15:44, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> It would help the project more if you become a developer and fix the bugs
> in the source code.

That's the plan eventually, and I'm making progress, but it is a steep hill to
climb. KDE has a huge codebase, plus, I'm still _very_ new to c++. I think
I need to get a few more patches under my belt before I try anything serious.

Maybe I'll patch kio_media_mounthelper...

> But we can also use your help in Bugzilla. We have one or two people whose
> only participation is Bugzilla: they test bugs, they report, etc. So, if
> you are building from Subversion and you don't patch your source code,
> testing is welcome.
> So, yes, adding revision numbers to other people's bug helps a lot. That's
> what I do most of the time: "Confirmed, on KDE revision 4xxxxx", or "I
> can't reproduce, KDE 3.5 revision 4xxxxx".

Cool. I'll set up a box running unpatched svn.



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