Thanks Brad .

Well guess what? I wake up and its all done, interesting. hmmm Happy
New Year

> I think (from experience :-)) this is caused by passing the wrong
> configuration (ie ./configure) options.

Well I tried a few different options. But nothing special, actually
used the ones that were mentioned in one of the kde-building docs

> What is $QTDIR set to?


> What is $PATH set to?


> What ./configure line did you use?

./configure -prefix /opt/Qt4 --verbose (with this it worked)

./configure -prefix /opt/Qt4 -debug -qt-gif --verbose ( I got those
errors with this )

> Does it help if you cleanup the checkout first?

I tried that but I kept getting the same error all the time,
atleast I did then.

> Does svn stat show any Modified (M) or Conflict (C) files? Does it help if you
> svn revert them?

Like I said I had build Qt4 before the last svn checkin. And then
about 11-12 days ago there was this last update and I remember seeing
a fews "Ms". But I never rebuilt them then.

Ok, whats the difference between running make and gmake ? The
difference between this run ( it seems this time it's successfully
)and the all the last attempts is that I did a gmake instead of make.
I have ended up with debug and release versions of all the libs. But
only one version for rest of the tools and examples (wonder which
one??). I can tell that size of bin/qmake is more than 7megs.

The exact sequence of commands were -

make distclean
./configure -prefix /opt/Qt4 --verbose
gmake all

Thanks again.


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