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Alejandro Exojo wrote:
>If I recall correctly, the libtool files in admin/ are patched to
> support some KDE specific needs. I'm wondering, from a packager point
> of view, if this changes are needed for all applications, or I can just
> use a standard libtool for a simple application (no kdeinit or other
> complex stuff).

The only person who can answer that is you: test it with a standard=20
libtool and tell us if it works.

I know we made some changes to libtool as well as some backporting of=20
their newer versions. Moreover, we did include support for other systems=20
upon request. So, you could send in your patches to admin/ so that we=20
update it for newer releases.

(Even though branches/KDE/3.5/kde-common should be frozen now)

>In my case, I need to provide an updated ltmain.sh and libtool.m4 to
> support GNU/k*BSD, so I can: provide a more up to date admin directory
> in the package, or use the version in Debian, which already contains
> some patches, but which I suppose, doesn't contains the KDE ones.

Again, you tell us if it works.

As a note of caution, I tell you touching libtool is opening a can of=20
worms. You may come to regret you ever touched it. (I have)

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