I'd like to see KDE integrated into an immerisive 3D environment, now we ha=
ve =

large flat screen displays with suitable 3D hardware acceleration. The only =

project I know, apart from multiplayer online games, trying to do something =

similar is Croquet:


But this is a research project, and so not something that can be very easil=
y =

implemented before about KDE 5.0. =

Your proposal sounds like a 'single user' version of Croquet, and so you =

wouldn't need the 'tea-time' and 'tea-party' protocols to meet and coordina=
te =

with other users. But you would need to be able to render windows onto 3D =

surfaces which I think near future versions of X-Window will be able to do.

-- Richard

On Monday 19 December 2005 05:37, Jacques-Andr=E9 Boulay wrote:
> Hi,
> I know some people already talk about this kind of subject here before. I=

> specifically referencing the post named "integrating virtual reality into
> KDE" which can be found here:
> http://lists.kde.org/?l=3Dkde-devel&...45630500&w=3D2
> The big idea seems interesting but, from my point of view, a little
> unrealistic for now. It's not just a virtual reality version of KDE (hum.=

> it's sound like if a VR version was something "simple"!): it integrates
> users collaboration, distributed servers and a lot of other complex
> features.
> By myself, I would be interested in developping a "simple" VR version of
> KDE which could works in a CAVE or Immersadesk virtual reality environmen=

> http://www.polymtl.ca/rv/rv/
> Sorry for the text which is in french but I think the pictures could help
> you understand the way it works. On these systems, we can display
> steroscopic (3d) graphics (via special glass) and interact with 3d objects
> with a wand (a kind of 3d mouse) or VR gloves. What I want to do is to be
> able to use the wand or the glove instead of a mouse. I also want to add a
> real 3th dimension to be able to move 3d solid windows all around the user
> and within the 3th dimension (with real depth): near and far from him.
> Since we actually experienced usability issues in VR with text entry (with
> virtual keyboard or other alternatives) I would like to use a real keyboa=

> to enter text, on the knees of the user who could be sat on a chair on the
> middle of the CAVE.
> The big idea of what I want to do is: to modify KDE in a way which will
> permit the user to lauch KDE in VR stereoscopic mode (in the CAVE) without
> the need of using adapted applications which have to be rewrited. It means
> that all actual typical softwares (kmail, konqueror,...) could work witho=

> any modification of their code. I have to say first that since I'm not a
> KDE or X expert, I don't know if it is feasible or not. That's why I'm
> taking the time to talk to you about it.
> From my "kde-and-X-ignorant" point of view it means:
> - The calls to X via Qt (I think) to draw bitmaps on a 2d screen should be
> redirected to my specific VR library.
> - All widgets (list box, combo box, ...) should have a 3d equivalent which
> could be based on VRML 3d models.
> - The actions should be modifiy to work in 3d.
> - 2d mouse management should be adapted to work in 3d with the wand or
> gloves. - ...
> For your information: to develop and lauch application inside the CAVE, we
> use VR Juggler (an OpenSource virtual platform for VR application
> development): www.vrjuggler.org
> The VR GUI library I could develop would be based on it.
> I know this kind of project is really big and could take a lot of time, b=

> I'm really interested in working on it as a parallel project even if it
> takes many years. So what I would like to know is:
> - What do you think of it?
> - Do you think it is feasible?
> - If so, could you suggest me a way to start developing it?
> - What are the specific parts, classes of KDE or Qt I should look at?
> - Do you have any other advices?
> Thanks in advance for your replies. Have a nice day.
> J-A
> http://www.info.polymtl.ca/~jaboub/indexEng.html
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