On Sunday 18 December 2005 13:33, Dave Feustel wrote:
> The games are all GID (2000).
> There are a number of kde programs with UID (4000) root set.
> Where can I get man info on kde commands like ksud, which has
> UID set?

Debian might have manpages for them. KDE as a project doesn't produce any.
Like David has already pointed out, the setuid binaries are few and far
between, and he's described what they are for. I'll do it again:

artswrapper enables us to start arts with realtime priority on kernels and
OSsen that have that.

kcheckpass reads /etc/master.passwd to enable a real check that an entered
password is correct; this is used to unlock the screen.

kdesud is the kde su.

kgrantpty gets /dev/pty* for apps that need a pty and sets permissions on it.

kpac_dhcp_helper i have no clue. it comes from kdelibs.

kppp is ppp and needs root to access modems, I'm told.

ksysguardd is the daemon for ksysguard and wants to look at kernel memory.

I don't think any of these applications have ever been audited in a meaningful
way (didn't you ask that before?).


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