Thiago Macieira wrote:

>Shawn wrote:
>>How can I get around this then? All the files involved in the
>>compilation were downloaded from the KDE servers by Konstruct
>>automatically, so is this something the KDE team needs to update on
>>their servers? As in, update to a version that doesn't have this
>>problem? Or, is this one of those things where it works for 99% of
>>people, and it just so happens that the version of GCC that Mandriva
>>packages doesn't like this particular code?

>They weren't downloaded from the KDE servers. They were downloaded from
>the servers where each project hosts their releases.
>As I said, KDE has nothing to do with this problem.

As an experiment, I went into $HOME/konstruct/libs/gmp/work/gmp-4.1.4
and manually ran configure, and then make. It compiled just fine. The
problem with that is it then wanted to install itself in /usr/local/lib,
instead of the kde3.5 directory in my home directory.

To continue the experiment, I deleted everything from the gmp directory
and exctracted just that directory from the compressed source, and then
ran konstruct again. It downloaded the gmp source, configured it,
started to make it, and then displayed that error again.

So, I manually went back into that directory, and renamed the makefile
created by construct. Then I did a make clean and a configure. I went
into the konstruct makefile and copied all the path lines into the
manually created makefile so it would use the default compiler options
created with configure, but the paths created by konstruct.

Then I ran make and it compiled just fine. Then I ran konstruct again,
and it continued with the compiling process.

So while it appears the problem isn't KDE, the problem also isn't GMP.
The problem is the way Konstruct tries to compile GMP.


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