On Sun, 18 Dec 2005, Dave Feustel wrote:
> On Sunday 18 December 2005 06:34, David Faure wrote:
>> Those are games, why should they be suid root?
>> They shouldn't be, and the "kde libraries" even say so when running them.
>> Did you make them suid root, or did "make install" do that?

> A couple more programs with s-bit permissions set:
> xpat2, kdesud, ksirtet

Be more specific about the s-bit permissions you refer to. There are two
of them (02000, which is set GID, and 04000, which is set UID). The
programs you have listed so far are set _GID_. Presumably, they should be
setGID to group games to be able to write highscore files. Why kdelibs is
complaining for you in this manner is a mystery to me.

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