> > I usually get that behaviour when NOT installing KDE-Libs as root. I
> > think there need some things to be setuid root which can only be done
> > when installing as root.

> Sorry, but this isn't true. I have been installing KDE as non-root for... 8
> years now, and it always worked fine.
> The only exceptions are
> - kppp needs to be suid root
> - kdesud needs to be sgid root (to remember the pass iirc, but it works
> without) - kcheckpass needs to be sgid root to be able to unlock the screen
> but none of this triggers "can't talk to klauncher". That's when klauncher
> dies, or when the dcop or klauncher socket is deleted, or something that
> bad...

Strange - i got that kind of problem with exactly that solution on early
stages on KDE4 porting. Might be some other cause of course, but at least
that's how i solved it.


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