On Saturday 17 December 2005 22:56, Sascha Cunz wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> Am Samstag 17 Dezember 2005 19:46 schrieb Alan Ezust:
> > I recently compiled kdelibs+kdebase (3.5) and tried to run some apps -
> > kdevelop and umbrello both had problems - they couldn't talk to
> > 'klauncher' and the solution I found was to run kdeinit myself. I had
> > never done that before, and had no idea that it was necessary. And you
> > say it's not? Why did I have to run kdeinit manually?

> I usually get that behaviour when NOT installing KDE-Libs as root. I think
> there need some things to be setuid root which can only be done when
> installing as root.

Sorry, but this isn't true. I have been installing KDE as non-root for... 8 years now,
and it always worked fine.
The only exceptions are
- kppp needs to be suid root
- kdesud needs to be sgid root (to remember the pass iirc, but it works without)
- kcheckpass needs to be sgid root to be able to unlock the screen

but none of this triggers "can't talk to klauncher". That's when klauncher dies,
or when the dcop or klauncher socket is deleted, or something that bad...

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