Hi Alan,
Am Samstag 17 Dezember 2005 19:46 schrieb Alan Ezust:
> I recently compiled kdelibs+kdebase (3.5) and tried to run some apps -
> kdevelop and umbrello both had problems - they couldn't talk to
> 'klauncher' and the solution I found was to run kdeinit myself. I had
> never done that before, and had no idea that it was necessary. And you
> say it's not? Why did I have to run kdeinit manually?

I usually get that behaviour when NOT installing KDE-Libs as root. I think
there need some things to be setuid root which can only be done when
installing as root.

However, for me, "rm -rf $KDEDIR", "su" and "make install" solved it always...


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