On Friday 02 December 2005 20:23, Andreas Silberstorff wrote:
> I just wanted to test the corrected kalva.kcfg with xmlkconfigxt and got
> the following error:
> base/kdetestscripts/xmlkconfigxt
> Internal script error: Can't find schema!
> So I tried to open the URL http://www.kde.org/standards/kcfg/1.0/ in
> konq. That brought me a 403 error. I guess that is not intentional?

"http://www.kde.org/standards/kcfg/1.0/" is an XML namespace. The
xsi:schemaLocation attribute does not instruct the validator to load a Schema
from that URI so it shouldn't be a problem. In other words, a 403 error is
expected behavior.

Loading "http://www.kde.org/standards/kcfg/1.0/kcfg.xsd" works just fine. The
cause to the message you get, "Internal script error: Can't find schema!", is
in kdetestscripts -- that's my guess.

(Thus, Duncan's comment appears to me to miss the target; the namespace for
the KConfigXT schema is a different thing from kcfgcreator's website.)



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