I recently compiled kdelibs+kdebase (3.5) and tried to run some apps -
kdevelop and umbrello both had problems - they couldn't talk to
'klauncher' and the solution I found was to run kdeinit myself. I had
never done that before, and had no idea that it was necessary. And you
say it's not? Why did I have to run kdeinit manually?

On 12/10/05, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> If you run any KDE app outside of KDE, it'll launch all that it needs - that
> should be the kdeinit, klauncher, dcopserver and kded daemons (except for
> kded very small and lightweight daemons, mind you). Strictly speaking some
> apps maybe could do even without them, but it's just not worth the trouble of
> trying.

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