Matt Rogers wrote:
> On Friday 16 December 2005 17:36, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
>> I noticed that this was not fixed for the 3.5.0 release despite the
>> fact that it was first reported against RC1.
>> Are there plans to fix this?

> I don't have any plans to fix it. Someone else might though.
>> Was it a design error? Etc.

> I can't comment about the code.
> You do realize that when bugs do or don't get fixed is completely
> arbitrary, don't you? I'm just asking because I get the impression
> from your mail that because it's a regression and because it was
> reported before 3.5.0 final went out that it should have already been
> fixed in 3.5.0 final.

With emphasis on *should* yes I think that it should have been fixed
before the release.

OTOH, I understand that there are reasons that it didn't get fixed.

> Obviously, it wasn't fixed before 3.5.0 and unless somebody cares
> enough about it to fix it, it might also go unfixed for KDE 3.5.1.

IMHO, we should try to avoid shipping a new release with any regressions
if possible -- this should always be a goal of QA even though it is very
unlikely that the goal will be achieved. As has been explained before
(by others), regressions are always a serious issue while new features
that don't quite work yet are just a minor issue as long as they can be
turned off.

The reason I ask if there are plans to fix it is that several people
have already told me that it isn't a bug or if it is that it isn't a
serious issue. As I always am, I was surprised by their
presumptuousness and lack of concern. Some of these comments indicate
that it was a deliberate change in the code -- a design decision. If
so, there isn't much point in anyone trying to fix it since all that is
needed is for the person that made the change to change it back. Or,
perhaps it was accidentally introduced when the minor change to the
"Hide Mode" in the KDE Panel KCM was made.


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