Aha, the problem was actually that the "checking for kde plugins" step
fails if you are working with a qt which was built without the -mt
option. Even if you successfully installed kdelibs to it (which might
mean it won't work properly), the configure of kdebase fails at that

rebuilding qt with -mt (and then rebuilding kdelibs) made it possible
to configure kdebase.

I suggest changing the message that configure reports:

If you did install kdelibs, then the Qt version that is picked up by
this configure is either

a. not configured with the -mt option or b.

not the same version you used to compile kdelibs.

On 12/14/05, David Faure wrote:
> On Wednesday 14 December 2005 22:05, Alan Ezust wrote:
> > I've been having such problems building kdebase (from the 3.5 branch).
> >
> > It is correctly detecting a brand spanking new install of qt 3.3 which
> > I just used to build kdelibs (branches/3.5). Just before building
> > kdebase, I configured kdelibs using the same configure line as I used
> > for kdebase.
> >
> > I've gone through this process 3 times now, starting over with kdelibs
> > and qt each time.

> From scratch, or just configure+make? If the latter, I suggest going to kdelibs/kdewidgets,
> and doing
> make clean ; make ; make install
> This will use the correct Qt version number in the plugin, and it should let the kdebase configure work.
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