I've been having such problems building kdebase (from the 3.5 branch).

../configure --without-arts -prefix=/usr/local/kde35 --with-qt-dir=/usr/local/qt3
the configure script keeps aborting here:
checking for Qt... libraries /usr/local/qt3/lib, headers
/usr/local/qt3/include using -mt
checking for moc... /usr/local/qt3/bin/moc
checking for uic... /usr/local/qt3/bin/uic
checking whether uic supports -L ... yes
checking whether uic supports -nounload ... yes
checking if Qt needs -ljpeg... no
checking for rpath... yes
checking for KDE... libraries /usr/local/kde35/lib, headers
checking if UIC has KDE plugins available... no
configure: error:
you need to install kdelibs first.

If you did install kdelibs, then the Qt version that is picked up by
this configure is not the same version you used to compile kdelibs.
The Qt Plugin installed by kdelibs is *ONLY* loadable if it is the
_same Qt version_, compiled with the _same compiler_ and the same Qt
configuration settings.


It is correctly detecting a brand spanking new install of qt 3.3 which
I just used to build kdelibs (branches/3.5). Just before building
kdebase, I configured kdelibs using the same configure line as I used
for kdebase.

I've gone through this process 3 times now, starting over with kdelibs
and qt each time.
This error message is not giving me enough information to fix the problem.


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