Dne p=E1 9. prosince 2005 20:37 Dave Feustel napsal(a):
> When I start up kde and do a ps -ax, there are processes that I
> can kill without adversely affecting the operation of kde as I use
> it. What is the absolute minimum set of processes needed to be
> able to run konqueror, terminal, and kmail?

If you run any KDE app outside of KDE, it'll launch all that it needs - th=
at =

should be the kdeinit, klauncher, dcopserver and kded daemons (except for =

kded very small and lightweight daemons, mind you). Strictly speaking some =

apps maybe could do even without them, but it's just not worth the trouble =
of =


> How do I configure kde so that only these processes are started by =


rm -f $KDEDIR/bin/startkde ?

As I said, apps will launch what they need in case they don't find it =

running. But this is either a wrong answer or wrong question. If you're =

asking like this, you apparently don't want to use startkde at all since yo=
u =

don't want to run the KDE desktop.

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