Hi all,

A friend of mine that has a lot of crazy ideas asked me to write
something about this to the kde-devel list to get some feedback on the
idea so here goes.

Basically he was wondering what people thought about creating a panel
of some sort for KDE that displayed Google ads (or text ads from some
other source). This would show up on the side of the screen or
wherever the user wants to put it and the profits from the ads would
go towards the KDE project. Of course, it would be completely
voluntary, so that if a user wanted to financially support KDE but
didn't have the resources to make a donation, they could still help
out. It wouldn't have to be included with KDE, but some promotion of
the idea wouldn't hurt.

If one wanted to get fancy, you could allow the user to set their
preferences so google could deliver targeted ads.

So what do you think? If I or someone else coded an application like
that, would the KDE project be willing to set up an account with
google to deliver the ads? I don't know if google is ok with their
ads being delivered in this way, but I don't see why not.


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