Lubos Lunak wrote:

> [...]
>> So no, I do not expect that this will crash, because I both know from
>> Trolltech-sources that it should not, and from my own observations that
>> it does not.

> Hmm. Care to provide some more details on the latest paragraph, e.g. some
> links? It's just that my observations think otherwise (Qt3):

I should have said this before: I have only Qt4 in mind.

I guess this bugreport makes it clear:
There it is explicitly stated that exception-unsafe code will be fixed.

A second ressource is of course the Qt reference documentation. There is no
requirement stated in there that throwing in event-handlers/slots is
forbidden (Or at least I did not find any). And then there is the Qt
sourcecode, of course, which does contain at least two throw statements, in
event-handling code. (not exactly many, I know :-)
And then the Qt sourcecode does include potentially throwing parts in
event-handlers itself.

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