Hi there,

I'm writing a style for KDE and I have a problem I don't know how to
solve, neither if it's solvable.

What I'm trying to achieve is to set the background of the disabled edit
lines. I want nothing fancy, just (QPaletteisabled QColorGroup:Base),
just like a QTextEdit.

I tried many things but all I managed to do was to change the background
of the enabled edit lines. It's not very useful since it already works
as expected without tricks. The problem is that the background of the
content of a disabled edit line is set to (QPaletteisabled
QColorGroup:Background). It erases the content area of the edit frame.

The closest I got is when I used setBackgroundMode( NoBackground ) to
polish the widget. The only problem is that random pixels appeared
around the text of the edit line.

I read the sources of Qt3 and I discovered that it totally ignores the
background mode when the edit line is disabled to use
colorgroup.background() i.e. (QPaletteisabled QColorGroup:Background).
--That's why I say that my problem is maybe not solvable.

And I can't change this color. It has the desired effect but as a side
effect, all disabled widgets also use it. It would be good if I could
change it only for an edit line, I would just have to use some tricks to
have the right colors to draw the edit frame but that's easy. If only
that was possible!

I'm running short of ideas. If somebody has a clue, a hint that would
help me to cure the spinwidget and the editable combobox which suffer
from the same "disease".

I browsed the sources of all styles available in KDE 3.5 and some more
but nobody cares... except me. :'-( ;-)

Remi Villatel

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