Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Volker Lukas wrote:
>>> Hmm... I think you misunderstood again:

>>I do not have that impression. To be clear, I am talking about
>> situations like the following:
>>class my_widget : public QWidget
>>virtual void paintEvent(QPaintEvent*)
>> { ... throw something(); ... }

> Ok, then we are talking about the same thing.
> That's the exact kind of code that I'm telling you you can expect to
> crash.

As I have written in my first message: Trolltech does intend this code to
work correctly, i.e. whenever a problem is reported arising from such
situations, this is classified by them as a bug and will probably get
fixed. And it is not documented that this would not be allowed, at least
considering the reference documentation, which would be an appropriate

So no, I do not expect that this will crash, because I both know from
Trolltech-sources that it should not, and from my own observations that it
does not.

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