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On Wednesday 07 December 2005 19:53, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Kevin Krammer wrote:
> >> KDE3 apps from a KDE4 desktop would be nice (especially for apps that
> >> don't get ported). Would the opposite be true also? Running a KDE4 app
> >> from a KDE3 desktop? Some companies, government entities and schools
> >> might take quite a while to upgrade their systems to KDE4, but we'd
> >> still like them to be able to use what we develop on KDE4.

> That's a worthy goal I'd like to see happen. KDE3 applications running in
> KDE4 is probably a must-have, given the number of extragear and
> third-party applications.
> Unlike the KDE2 -> KDE3 times, we now have very popular apps in extragear,
> like k3b and amarok.
> What is a nice-to-have objective but possibly not easy is running KDE4 in
> a KDE3 environment.
> >I'd say yes, it would be no different than running said KDE4 application
> > on any other non-KDE4 desktop.

> In fact, it is also directly tied to the level of interaction between apps
> I mentioned before.
> We all know that launching a KDE application in a non-KDE environment
> launches the DCOP server, klauncher and ioslaves, maybe more stuff,
> depending on the app. So, is a KDEx application supposed to talk to the
> services of the KDEy environment, where x !=3D y?
> Unfortunately, it looks like we won't have the manpower to integrate the
> environments, so KDE3 applications won't reach the KDE4 environment and
> vice-versa. On the plus side, the scenario you mention seems likely, but
> on the negative side, you'll see klauncher3 and klauncher4 running
> concurrently...

Well, as KDE4 will use dbus instead of dcop, I think it will be even imposi=
to implement it. Or unlikely to do. However, I'm not sure if it can run bot=
at the same time - kdeinit will have the same name, I just hope it won't ha=
each other.


Windows are like..
windows. Shiny but fragile and expensive.

Michal Vaner (Vorner)

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