Thiago Macieira wrote:
> [...]
> Allowing the exception to reach the Qt signal/slot mechanism is bound to
> fail and, quite possibly, core dump.

This does not seem to be true. There is no place in the Qt documentation
which forbids this (or at least no prominent one), and Trolltech actually
treats problems which arise in the situation you described as bugs. So
while letting exceptions leave a slot or event-handler might not be
recommended practice, Qt is at least intended to work correct in that case.

> [...]
> I don't think exception handling in kdelibs code is something you can
> expect realistically. For one thing, Qt 4 has been released and it does
> not use exceptions. So KDE Library code will probably follow suit.

Qt does use exceptions. It might not contain many throw-statements, but it
uses the throwing forms of "new", and it lets exceptions (from new or from
user code) propagate out of the library.

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