On 06.12.05 17:38:56, Frederic Mercille wrote:
> I am developing an application using Qt4 and would like to add a KDE
> widget to my application. KDE4 being unstable at the moment, I'd need to
> use KDE3.
> Is it possible to use a KDE3 widget inside a Qt4 application?

I don't think so, because KDE3 Widgets are (directly or indirectly)
derived from QWidget which probably isn't compatible (neither source nor
binary) between Qt4 and Qt3. If you want to use Qt4 I think you cannot
use KDE3-stuff, if you need KDE3 stuff use Qt3.

> Or, if KDE4 gets stable enough,

From what I heard this is probably at least 1 year away. Developers talk
about 2 years until a KDE 4 release (kdelibs is probably stable before
that however)

> will it be possible to run a Qt4
> application that has KDE4 widgets in it from a KDE3 desktop?

Look into this and kde-core-devel archives, I rembember somebody
discussing that it's possible. But I have no real knowledge, as kde is
not just some widgets even kdelibs has quite a bunch more (kdeinit,
dcop) that might interfere when KDE3 and KDE4 apps run together.


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