On 12/5/05, David Johnson wrote:
> On Monday 05 December 2005 02:24 pm, Kevin Brown wrote:
> > Yes, but using the 3d acceleration of the graphics card. I can't use
> > Kompose because it's too slow.

> Unfortunately, I can't use 3d acceleration without a proprietary closed
> source driver.

I hate it when that happens. Isn't there a way to make Kompose use
OpenGL, which should use a standard way of using the graphics card?
Unless you've got a really bad card (worse than a GeForce 2) you
should be able to do that... I have a little iMac G3 that does Expose
really fast using just a tiny 16 meg ATI chip. It shouldn't be
impossible, though it might involve some interesting "back-door"

Kompose is in any event a thing that I've by now installed and am thoroughly
addicted to, so whatever things I can do to help it I'll try to the
best of my abilities if I would be of any help (I'm not that good with
KDE/Linux/OpenGL/H T&L at all, so I would very easily be more
hinderance than help.) The bright side is that recognising your
weaknesses and problems is half the part of fixing them, so I'm
already halfway there : )

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