On Tuesday 06 December 2005 03:04, David Johnson wrote:
> On Monday 05 December 2005 05:55 am, R.F. Pels wrote:
> > Not to mention the fact I had to
> > use my airsickness bag when I saw the 'use-return-codes' solution.

> Here's the style of code that causes me to reach for that little baggie:

Ever heard that "you can always write FORTRAN in any programming language" ?

> I'm sorry that my tiny gripe spun off into such a contentious debate,
> but maybe, just maybe, it's a sign that exceptions aren't the
> wonderfully simplistic panaceas that people think they are. Perhaps
> there are some pitfalls and drawbacks associated with them.

Nobody disputes that they are pitfalls, nobody claims they are a panacea
either. But discarding them because they can be misused is silly. This same
discussion pattern applies to just every C++ feature (templates, multiple
inheritance, STL, pick yours).


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