On Monday 05 December 2005 11:34, Janne Ojaniemi wrote:
> On Monday 05 December 2005 12:23, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> > So this would be like an X setup with a greater virtual than physical
> > width but with kicker moving along instead of being expanded?

> Sort of, yes.

Well, for a start you could try to configure your X this way, or use FVWM or
other WM that implements this, maybe you'll change your mind after seeing it
in practice (I remember that in the old days when my X sometimes ended up
configured like this I found this feature completely unusable).

If you get past that stage, this feature is usually called a viewport
(http://standards.freedesktop.org/wm-...-spec-1.3.html). Both KWin and
the NET classes in kdecore have relevant support for it. Except for the
actual functionality of course, the viewport is now always equal to the full
screen size in the code now.

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