On Sunday 04 December 2005 19:56, David Johnson wrote:
> On Friday 02 December 2005 11:41 pm, Philip V. Neves wrote:
> > The Feature is to be able to Tile (vertically or Horizontally) and
> > Cascade the windows on the screen. No desktop environment has the
> > feature. This is a humble request.

> Huh?
> Desktop menu -> Windows -> Cascade Windows
> Desktop menu -> Windows -> Unclutter Windows

1) That still doesn't allow to tile windows
2) It affects _all_ open windows

OS/2 had a very nice (IMHO) feature which I already missed several times:
You could open up the window list, select a couple of windows, open a
context menu on the selection and tell it what action to perform
(cascase/tile/minimize/close/...) on only these windows. All others
remained untouched.


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