On Sunday 04 December 2005 20:47, Jonas Widarsson wrote:
> I've learned that there is some kind of decision made for KDE to not use
> exceptions.
> I am working on two projects at the moment. One parser library that I will
> use exceptions in, and one sound application that uses KDE and jack.
> I read about exceptions and like to use them in my KDE app to, but first
> I'd like to hear the primary reasons why KDE didn't like exceptions.

Because C++ exceptions are evil. They were a stupid design decision that
wasn't thought out and not actually implemented until many years after their
They are as a result impossible to support for compilers without serious
trade-offs in either space or speed. (either 20% slower or the need to
included debug-info to unwind. Compiling with exceptions does the same as
using -g1)

The short lesson in every C++ book except Stroustrups is: Don't use them!


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