What we really should do is something more like in Apple's OS X with
Expos=E9. That's a really, *really* cool thing, and forgive me if it's
already somewhere... but it's really cool, and I think that it should
be worked on to replace the older way of "uncluttering" windows. Most
users I know of still run at 1024x768, and Expos=E9 does a really good
job of making the most of it for people (like me) who have nice
computers with enough memory to run many programs, but not enough
screen space to really do it effectively. That, in tandem with having
multiple desktops, I think would really add some more functionality to
KDE. Just a thought, but I'm not anywhere near advanced enough to
start making it (unfortunately) but I really hope to fix that
sometime... when my schedule allows (grr... stupid people wasting all
my time! oh well, these are my problems and not yours so I'll shut up
now it that's okay...)

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