On Sunday 04 December 2005 21:16, David Johnson wrote:
> On Sunday 04 December 2005 11:47 am, Jonas Widarsson wrote:
> > I read about exceptions and like to use them in my KDE app to, but
> > first I'd like to hear the primary reasons why KDE didn't like
> > exceptions.

> I always understood that this restriction was for libraries, and not
> applications. The reason is that once a library throws an exception, it
> is expecting the application to catch it. It would be a problem if
> libraries never propagated exceptions, but it never works that way in
> practice.

According to my book, Stroustrup's The C++ Programming language, that is one
of the reasons why we *should* use exceptions. If it doesn't work in
practise, is it because users misunderstand the API for some reason, like
inadequate docs?

(Look, I am just wondering no reason for anyone to get upset)

Jonas Widarsson

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