Am Freitag, 11. November 2005 16:10 schrieb Stephan Binner:
> On Tuesday 08 November 2005 16:21, J. Preiss wrote:
> > and I did not find an AUTHOR file for konstruct (?)

> There exists also the concept of the README file.

For konstruct, there *only* exists a README, that's what I ment. There seems
to be no mantainer for konstruct.

> > Is there another option to remove all
> > objects without removing the downloaded files?

> It's described in the README.

Yes, and I tried both, clean and buildclean. And as I said, when I used
buildclean, the Makefile was gone and I had to re-download the complete
package to get it working again:

#> make
.... ready
#> make buildclean
#> make
.... error, no Makefile there

Anyway, I already switched to kdesvn, so it is not that important...

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