> There is lots of interaction possible with kdesvn-build, although without
> the shiny graphical interface.

Yes, I'll read the docs :-)

> 'kdesvn-build --refresh-build --no-svn arts kdelibs' would cause
> kdesvn-build to do a clean rebuild of the arts and kdelibs modules, but
> without performing the update from Subversion.

My problem is that KDE is so big, that it takes at least 24 hours to compile.
After a few tries I have no overview how far I am. And always looking for log
files is not really an option.
Also I am missing something to say: "just compile this one" or "don't touch
this because there is an error". That's what qbuildkde was good for...

> Another thing: what version of kdesvn-build are you using? If you're
> trying to compile KDE 3.5 you should really be using 0.97.6.

Yes, that's what I am using

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