On Friday 21 October 2005 23:29, Thomas Kadauke wrote:
> Am Friday 21 October 2005 22:47 schrieb Adriaan de Groot:
> I didn't write lots of documentation. I just fixed it so that macros would
> be shown in the generated dox. See attachment. Also note that I'm now a
> proud owner of an SVN account so you don't need to commit ... IF you tell
> me where I can find more information about the DOX tag

The sum total of the information about the DOX tag is this:

"If you commit APIDOX fixes, please be so kind as to make DOX: the first word
of the commit message; these commits get nicely filtered into a folder for
me, and I will try to automatically forward port for you."

These are your friends - Adem
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