I'm an Emacs developer, and I'm trying to track down a bad interaction
between the current CVS version of Emacs and kwin (KDE 3.4.3). I'm
hoping someone on this list will be able to help.

The problem is this. I have "click to focus" and "click raise active
window" on. I hover the mouse over one of the Emacs tool-bar buttons,
making an Emacs tooltip pop up. Clicking the mouse dismisses the
tooltip, but does not activate the button. The problem goes away if I
turn off "click raise active window". My guess is that kwin is
passing the click event to the tooltip, trying to "raise" it.

(These is on a "non-toolkit" Emacs build. Emacs draws its own
tooltips instead of relying on an X toolkit).

Could someone explain to me what effect the "click raise active
window" setting has when "click to focus" is on? It seems not to
affect the behavior of the window manager unless using the "mouse
follow mouse" policy. The only thing it seems to do is to cause this
Emacs bug to appear.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


-- Yidong

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