Am Freitag, 21. Oktober 2005 11:05 schrieben Sie:
> Hallo,
> > well I thought it couldn't be to difficult to allow kio-locate to execute
> > locate on the remote server like
> > locate: .bz2
> > to be transformed into
> > locate:username@serverort .bz2
> > transformed into
> > ssh -X gass@sw-ssh -p 22001 locate .bz2
> >
> > and to allow the results to be accessed via sftp or fish

> ok, I see your point. Is this last command line you mention a working
> example for you?

Yes (the -X is not necessary though),
IMHO the possibilities would be

remote (similar to sftp)
locate://username@serverort .bz2
locate://serverort .bz2
locate://username@server .bz2
locate://server .bz2


> I have no experience with such use of ssh and the like,
> but this might be really possible to implement.
> What kind of syntax would you propose for such a feature? I don't really
> think your example "locate:username@serverort pattern" is the way to go,
> because you can't ommit username and port for "locate:server pattern" would
> be ambiguous.

if the sugestion above is used the command
could be easyly replaced with
which konqueror can handle well
> Cheers

For further discussion would be helpful so I cc it,


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