On Thursday 20 October 2005 17:14, Z=E9 wrote:
> yes but as i said i use mandriva and it haves its qt3 so why would i chan=

> a qt3 released by one of the bests distros out there?
> Now i ask if shouldnt be kopete the one who needs to be changed.

I have svn kde 3.5 and I cannot reproduce your crash. I can get the Appeara=
nce =

tab allright in Kopete configuration window.

So: you have a crash we cannot reproduce
you don't have any useful backtrace
you don't want to listen to suggestion on finding the cause

Question: what do you want this list to do? =

If there is a bug report with a reproducible bug for a crash of the config =

dialog, I am sure Kopete devels will look at it.
At least compile with debug symbols so you can produce a backtrace and post=
to =



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