i'm having 1 big PC and 2 slower notebooks. I've setup kdm on the PC to use =

XDMCP and am using a command like "X :1 vt8 -query $HOST" to start X.

My problem is now, that the "signoff" dialog of KDM gives me the option =

"shutdown" and "reboot", but this affect the machine where kdm is running =

one, not the one that connected there (one of the notebooks in that case).
Which is of course not exactly what i want. What i want is, that the KDM =

running on the big PC will shutdown/reboot the notebook that made the =


I've found a section called [shutdown] in kdmrc where i can name programs t=
o =

run for shutdown and reboot. But i've no clue how i can write a program tha=
t =

figures out from which host the X connection came from. If i new where the =

connections was from, i think, i could easily deploy any RPC mechanism like =

rsh or some dcop thing to shut down the remote. But where can i get that =

information from?

Any pointer?

Thanks in advance
Cheers Sascha

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