On Fri, 30 Sep 2005 06:04:48 -0500
"Steven P. Ulrick" wrote:
> Hello
> I just tried running ldd on other (random) applications from KDE
> Branch 3.5. The apparent results are that Juk is the only
> application so far that seems to link exclusively to the FC3
> libraries (as opposed to the Branch 3.5) libraries.
> I'm going to try the experiment that I suggested a few emails ago, and
> uninstall kdemultimedia, and then reinstall it from a fresh download.
> I have changed all references to KDEDIR on our system
> (in /etc/profile.d/kde.sh) so we should be able to see if Juk from
> Branch 3.5 still insists on linking to the FC3 libraries.

Good Morning
I tried what I described above, with the result that Juk from Branch
3.5 still links to the FC3 libraries. I tried running ldd on kscd,
noatun & artsbuilder, and they seem to be linking to the correct (or at
least MORE of the correct) libraries. Interestingly, Amarok (from
extragear/multimedia) seems to exhibit the same behavior as Juk.
I was going to try to recompile the kde-redhat SRPM of kdemultimedia,
but they do not appear to have one.....
I have had bad fortune in the past with kde-redhat project RPM's (that
may be just me. Other peoples mileage may vary....) I am in the midst
of taking all known kde-redhat RPM's off of our system and replacing
them with the FC3 defaults. We'll see what happens then....

Steven P. Ulrick

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