I'm trying to build kde4 with kdesvn-build. =

qt-copy, kdelibs4_snapshot, kdebase compiled fine.
But trying to install kdebase fails. The error message in install.log:

libkonq/Makefile.am: no rule to create =

target: /home/kdedev/kde4/bin/dcopidl(./libkonq/konq_undo.kidl)

Yesterday it was a different file making problems:

doc/kappfinder/Makefile.am: no rule to create =

target: /home/kdedev/kde-4/share/apps/ksgmltools2/customization/kde-man.xsl=

I know kde4 is still developing and I'm willing to help getting rid of this =

problem but I don't know how..

Any help appreciated,

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