On Mon, 19 Sep 2005 22:21:04 +0200, Frank Osterfeld =


> It seems Amarok has a HelixPlayer engine (in Amarok >=3D 1.3), maybe that=


> is of
> use for you? I guess it isn't what you are looking for (as amarok is not =

> a
> video player), but maybe it can give some hints how to use the helix =

> engine.
> Are your problems more related to KDE coding (handling KParts, =

> integrating it
> into kmathtool, making it build etc.) or to helix (i.e. using the lib)? =

> Can
> you explain a bit further of what kind your problems are?

Thanks for your reply.

The Helix part is a problem. I don't have the skill (yet) to figure it =

out. I'd like to use a Helix Kpart, standalone and used in other apps. =

I'll be trying again this week for a pure Helix build instead of =

integrating it with KMathTool. Can I use the Amarok code for this?

On Tue, 20 Sep 2005 11:42:12 +0200, Albert Astals Cid =


> Hi Trenton not that i have much experience with multimedia at all, but i =

> can
> try to help you a bit, where is your source code?

Thanks for your reply.

I got very p-off with myself and tossed the baby out with the bathwater =

when I upgraded to AMD64. I have been having trouble with my dail-up but =

will try to do a svn co tomorrow and reproduce the work I'd done already. =

I looked at the Amarok code and it looked the easiest route, but dug =

myself into a corner. I also looked at the Helix code but it was to =

complex for me. If possible I'd like to create a standalone HelixKpart =

that can be used elsewhere.

OK to contact you off-list?

Kind Regards


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