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On Saturday 17 September 2005 01:16, Ivor Hewitt wrote:
> > this should probably just be the General group. the config file is
> > already specific to the applet. so just move it up a few lines =3D)

> It needs to be in the System Tray group since that's the where the
> KSystemTray class that the apps derive from will get their setting so that
> the apps create the right size icons (KSystemTray::loadIcon). The tweak
> relies on the config settings falling back to the kdeglobals config, so
> both the apps and the kicker sys tray use the same icon size. I'll add an
> explicit
> KGlobal::config() to make it clearer.

this will return kicker's config. which is not what we want the system tray=
(or any other applet) doing, to be honest. doubly so for kdeglobalrc. there=
is no guarantee that the systray will predate any KSystemTray instantiation=
for one. if this is meant to be a global setting, the you'll need to set it=

this setting should only be used by the systemtray. and as i've stated befo=
i think this will break in a lot of places =3D)

> Ideally I guess the apps would ask the systray what icon size they should
> use.... but that's obviously a much bigger change.

that's just not a possible change, to be honest, given that it's a x-deskto=
concept and changes the semantics of things somewhat.

Aaron J. Seigo
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