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On Friday 16 September 2005 13:07, Ivor Hewitt wrote:
> [System Tray]
> systrayIconWidth=3D16
> to config/kdeglobals
> This is an existing setting that is read by the KSystray base class but n=

> used by the tray applet.
> Although this won't work for tray apps that don't use a sized icon
> (kcpuload).

i'm really concerned this will break on people's system given the odd ways=
apps use the system tray, but as it stays at 24px by default and only those=
with the audacity to change it will get burnt, i'm cool with that.

there's a bug in your patch though:

+ int m_iconWidth =3D conf->readNumEntry("systrayIconWidth", 22);

the leading "int" shouldn't be there =3D)

also, please initialize m_iconWidth in the initalizer list in the ctor to 24

+ conf->setGroup("System Tray");

this should probably just be the General group. the config file is already=
specific to the applet. so just move it up a few lines =3D)

with those changes, i'm fine with you committing this.

Aaron J. Seigo
GPG Fingerprint: 8B8B 2209 0C6F 7C47 B1EA EE75 D6B7 2EB1 A7F1 DB43

=46ull time KDE developer sponsored by Trolltech (http://www.trolltech.com)

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