On Friday 16 September 2005 06:35 am, Dr. Edgar Alwers wrote:
> I am new to this list, so please forgive if the issue has been already
> fixed. I could not "google" my problem.
> I compiled qt-4.0.1 on an linux from the scratch system with kernel 2.6.13
> and kde 3.4.0. I Also compiled kdevelop 3.2.90, as I read, that this ide
> allows to work on qt4 projects. I have also qt-3.3.3 installed in /opt, t=

> link "qt" points to qt.3.3.3. Finally I activated the tag "qt" in
> kdevelop's projects options to qt4x. So far. Now my problems:
> 1.)when I create a new widget (.ui) file in a new project under the
> kdevelop ide and I call this file, the old qt-designer from qt-3 shows up,
> not the qt-4 one. I may force the opening with qt-4' designer through
> "automake manager", however, I get then a warning that "this file was
> created using designer from qt-3.1 and will be converted" and I have to
> save the converted file under another name. Can this issue be fixed ?

It's not an issue that can be fixed, Qt 3 and Qt 4 use different .ui file =

versions, if you want to use it with Qt 4 you'll have to convert it using =


uic3 -convert blah.ui > blah4.ui =3D=3D> to convert it to Qt4 style .ui
uic3 blah.ui > blah.h
uic3 -impl blah.ui > blah.cpp =3D=3D> to use it like Qt3 with Qt4 widgets

> 2. The new "uic" from qt-4 does only generate a header but not a .cpp file
> as it did under qt-3. How can I get the correspondent .cpp file and why h=

> this behaviour changed ?

Trolltech changed it.
see Qt documentation http://doc.trolltech.com/4.0/ "Porting from Qt 3to Qt =
that should answer any questions on porting to Qt 4


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