On 16.09.05 02:16:03, Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> On Friday, 16. September 2005 01:46, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
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> > So after some more testing I found that it must be kdm (startx with
> > startkde doesn't "eat" LD_LIBRARY_PATH) and am going to file a bug
> > report with Debians BTS.

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> Actually, it might be X itself. X.org has included the environment =

> sanitization code that used to be in the 'wrapper' utility for a while =

> now ...

Did you read the part of my message that you did not quote? I tested
with startx and xfce4-terminal, xterm and startkde - except xterm (which
is setuid) they do _not_ unset LD_LIBRARY_PATH. It only happens when I
log into KDE through kdm, I did however not yet test another WM or DM


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