I'm just starting to discover the advantages of working with KParts, so it'=
s =

quite likely there is a simple solution, I'm simply overlooking:

My application uses three different main KParts: A, B, and C (A is a =

home-grown kpart, B is a katepart, C is a khtmlpart). Now, whenever B, or C =

are active, I'd like to add some additional custom menu-items / actions to =

the GUI. I figured the best way to do this, would be to create two further =

parts, D and E, containing those additional actions.
The problem is: How can I combine parts B and D, and parts C and E, so my G=
UI =

will either be A, (B+D), or (C+E), depending on which view is active? I nee=
d =

some way to merge those parts, or, alternatively, a way to extend katepart, =

and khtmlpart.
Could somebody please give me some general directions on how this can be =




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