In article <> you write:
>Thanks. I have been trying for over a year to build KDE on OpenBSD, but ha=

>e so far =3D
>not succeeded. I can not even rebuild the CVS source of theOpenBSD package=

> version
>of KDE (3.3.2) which I am currently running. I have successfully built sev=

>ral versions of
>QT (including Qt 4.0.1). My goal is to be able to build, run, and modify a=

> OpenBSD version =3D
>of the most current version of KDE available. To that end I am now learnin=

> how to use svn. =3D
>The OpenBSD project will probably continue using CVS for the forseeable fu=

>ure, but svn =3D
>looks better to me. Now if only I had a bigger internet pipe...

For the record, I don't know what the problem is, but you probably have
a seriously buggy process. KDE builds just fine on OpenBSD, to wit the
ports of most of KDE. Granted, there are patches. Most specifically,
because of libtool, but it builds reproducibly for almost everyone, except
you, Dave...

So far, you have not given us enough information to figure out what's
actually wrong. Bad limits ? mix&match of the bad version of OpenBSD
with the bad version of the kde ports ? you tell me.

As far as OpenBSD goes, KDE has been very good at exerting limits with
- the C++ compiler;
- the assembler;
- the linker;
- the shell.
- the dynamic loader.

Heck, I can remember specific improvements in all these areas due to
small issues with KDE. But, as far as I can tell, we've had no new
fixes in over a year coming from KDE issues (well, I know there's one
Big Issue in koffice wrt the behavior of dlopen, but that issue only
affects karbon, the rest of kde works just fine).

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