On Sep 9, 2005 8:50 am, Nikhil Marathe wrote:
> This is one of the first applications I am gonna make.
> What I wanted to know is if it is possible to have a DCOP application
> wihtout a GUI.

Yes, it is very possible.

> This app I am making will allow users to browse their shell history and
> edit it.

By shell history do you mean that which appears when you type "history" in =


> There will also be a konqueror service menu to find if a filename =

> is their in the history. =

Does this really require a dcop service? Why not do something like =

if [ -n `history | grep $1` ] then
kdialog --messagebox "The file is in your history"
kdialog --mesagebox "The file is not in your history"

Of course, you probably plan on doing something more sophisticated, but you =

get the idea.

> And how do i make it startup on kde startup

Why not just call it on demand: via "dcopstart" from the shell and =

KDCOPServiceStarter class from c++?

> -Nikhil


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